Historical Equestrian Games Australia

Thanks for visiting. Due to other commitments, we have reduced the number of training days we run. We will advise dates as they are planned.

Upcoming Training Days:

Mounted archery: dates TBA, 2018.  Basic foundations of archery skills from the ground, horse and rider confidence, targeting, tracking and mounted archery.

Foundation skill at arms: dates TBA, 2018Includes basic weapon training for participation in the mounted skill-at-arms (SAA). Included in the clinic: weapon skills on the ground and on the horse, confidence building activities, safe riding practices when doing SAA, awareness for the horse and rider, and using your skills to strike targets with sword and lance.

Intermediate skill at arms: dates TBA, 2018 – for participants graded proficient at Foundation level. Incorporates a review of skills and practices, additional challenges with more advanced sword, lance and spear techniques, and building on your relationship with your horse. Suitable for those riders and horses that are competent in the foundation skills. 

Go to the Clinics pages for more information and to book, and/or check our Facebook page for event information.

Advanced skill at arms: TBA. More advanced training of weapons and activities for the mounted skill at arms, additional challenges and building on your relationship with your horse. Suitable for those riders and horses that are competent in the intermediate skills.

Basic weapons, safe fighting & choreography: Please contact us if you are interested. We can schedule a clinic with sufficient numbers. Suitable for anyone interested in learning sword and display skills, including but not limited to live action role play (LARP), actors, performers, and re-enactors. This clinic is designed to provide essential skills in dealing with ‘story’ driven physical activities and fighting.

Express your interest in any of these clinics here (click link)

Historical equestrian games – fun for everyone

If you can imagine yourself trying something a bit adventurous and different

  • with safety paramount
  • with experienced horse people
  • taught by a professionally trained and experienced weapon expert

then you are in the right place!

Training in the Western Sydney area, clinics and activity days scheduled through the year.