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Mounted Medieval Skill At Arms and Archery Training Days and Events

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Clinic venue: Riding for the Disabled Association, Nepean Centre. 18 Samuel Marsden Rd, Orchard Hills NSW 2748.

Skill at arms and mounted archery fun day: November 19th, 2017 – test your skills in mounted skill at arms and/or mounted archery at an informal, friendly activity day. Open to people and horses who have participated in one of our clinics.

Mounted archery: Basic foundations of archery skills from the ground, horse and rider confidence, targeting, tracking and mounted archery.

Foundation skill at arms: Includes basic weapon training for participation in the mounted skill-at-arms (SAA). Included in the clinic: weapon skills on the ground and on the horse, confidence building activities, safe riding practices when doing SAA, awareness for the horse and rider, and using your skills to strike targets with sword and lance.

Intermediate skill at arms: for participants graded proficient at Foundation level. Incorporates a review of skills and practices, additional challenges with more advanced sword, lance and spear techniques, and building on your relationship with your horse. Suitable for those riders and horses that are competent in the foundation skills.

Dates for 2018
July 1 & 2: Demonstration and display at Winterfest Sydney Medieval Fair (invitation only)
Other dates will be advised as they are planned.

If you fancy doing something a bit adventurous, then come and have a safe, fun and unique experience with your horse!

Our experienced instructor, Andrew, with two assistant instructors, Eleanor and Fiona, will help you bring out your inner warrior and give you and your horse confidence with this fun activity.

Contact us to discuss possible use of one of our school horses.

Learn new mounted skills:

Wield a sword


Strike with a lance


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